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TextureLab has been getting a bit more traffic than usual lately. This is mostly thanks to GameFromScratch's and Michele Bedendo's video reviews. This devlog is to let it be known that development hasn't stopped and let my plans for the next version be known. If it were up to me, i'd be working on this project everyday but my day job has really been taking up most of my time lately. 

The original plan was to add a lot more nodes for the next release. It's pretty clear to me that no one will take TextureLab seriously unless it can create beautiful and detailed textures on, or close to, the level of Substance Designer. However, there have been more requests for better editor features than for more nodes to i'll have to shift priorities around a bit.

Here's the list of features for the next version:


  • Multi-Selection
  • Copy/Cut/Paste
  • Undo/Redo
  • Comments
  • Frames
  • Navigation Pins
  • Node Menu (by pressing spacebar)

3D Preview:

  • Change mesh's subdivision level
  • Change displacement height
  • Save changed to 3d preview


  • Naigation bar with undo/redo and export buttons
  • Better looking components
  • Drag file in window to open

...and bugfixes ofcourse

I'll write devlogs of my progress as I go along.

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