TextureLab v0.2.0 Release

It's finally out!

TextureLab finally has those quality-of-life features you've been asking for. I have do admit, they do make the app feel better, so thank you guys for all your suggestions! Adding these features was by no means a small feat but the time and effort I put in was worth it. I, however, must apologize for the late delivery. I am still very much in love with this project but life does tend to happen.


  • Copy-Paste
  • Undo-Redo
  • Multi-Select
  • Frames and Comments
  • Spacebar Menu
  • Toolbar
  • And, of course, plenty of minor bug fixes

Known Issues:

  • Zip files created on linux cant be opened by archive manager (this is a  bug caused by the zip library used)
  • Deleting selected items still leaves their selection box

What's next?

Development will be split across two branches: v0.3.0 and v0.2.x

v0.3.0 will contain updates for texture generation and nodes. I'll be working on a fresh library version (v2) with many new nodes to be added. I'm also considering adding floating point textures so more accurate normal and height maps can be generated. Tessellation of some sort would be nice for the viewer for really showing off the details of the textures. The random seed will also play a much more vital role in the outcome of the textures.

v0.2.x will contain updates for the UI and UX of the app. I've done some good work on the UX of the app; undo-redo and copy-paste does add that premium feel. I'll be adding the other quality-of-life features missed in this release also. Dragging a file in the window to open it would be nice as well as detecting if changes were made when the app is being closed. I've been wanting to do a makeover of the UI as well.

I'll be putting the updates for v0.2.x as minor releases until v0.3.0 is ready.

Have fun using TextureLab :D


TextureLabLinux-v0.2.0.zip 64 MB
Jun 14, 2020
TextureLabLinux-v0.2.0.AppImage 67 MB
Jun 14, 2020
TextureLabWin-v0.2.0.zip 60 MB
Jun 14, 2020
Examples.zip 11 kB
Nov 16, 2019

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